So what`s new?

(24/12/21) Updated ROMsplit & Remus - Added support for Hyperion 47.102 (OS 3.2.1) ROMs and a few bugfixes.
(08/07/17) Added patch for SmartFilesystem 1.279 (ghosted icons fix)
(30/12/11) Added patch for GVP TekMagic & T-RexII SCSI driver
(29/12/11) Added patches for removing "beta timeout" for FFS 43.20 and SCSI 43.24
(20/12/11) Added CheckMem, to find "missing" Zorro memory cards
(22/11/09) Minor site update and tidy up.
(22/11/09) Misc. IDE patches etc
(18/02/07) UAE Enforcer tool
(15/04/06) All the old stuff can now be found here
(14/04/06) Bit of a revamp, moved some stuff about..tidied up etc.

(23/10/05) Public beta of Remus and Romsplit available.