Amiga area
Hardware stuff
A1200 FlashRom (+4 way clockport splitter) Work in progress
Extra Led PCMCIA access LED

Software stuff
SFS patch Fixes a bug in SmartFilesystem 1.279 that causes ghosted "DHx:SFS\0" icons on Workbench when using any exec > 45.20
GVP tekscsi patch Fixes the bug in the scsi driver that fails to load filesystems in the RDB.
Creates a new EPROM image for TekMagic & T-RexII CPU cards.
SCSI 43.24 patch Removes the 'Beta Software' warning and timeout code from scsi.device 43.24 ( copy )
FFS 43.20 patch Removes the 'Beta Software' warning and timeout code from FastFilesystem 43.20 ( copy )
CheckMem Finds expansion memory that hasn't been added to the system (due to a bug in expansion.library), and adds it if missing.
IDEFix Patches Allows CF cards to work with IDEFix/Buddha/Catweasel/XSurf IDE drivers
IDEPrefs Preferences program for Buddha/XSurf/Catweasel IDE drivers.
UAE Enforcer 1.1 Simple CLI tool to enable/disable enforcer under UAE/E-UAE/WinUAE
RomSplit+Remus Latest public betas (See flash hardware for more info).
New Execlib Replacement userlib for PureBasic.
RemoteAmp Control Winamp2 from the Amiga.

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