A1200 Flashrom-work in progress. (updated 24/12/2005)

Woohoo, prototype works!.. well the flash part does, haven`t tested the 4x clockport splitter part yet.
Important stuff first, I will not be selling built adapters,kits or parts. I don`t have the time, money or energy for it.
Once I`ve got a finished board and I`m satisfied it works fine,the schematics, parts list and pcb files needed to make one will be posted here.

Anyway, onto the fun stuff..
This adapter provides 1Mb of flashrom, which can be configured as either 2x standard roms, or as a std 512kb rom, with a 512kb extended rom.
There`s also a 4x clockport splitter, since the original is covered by the board..plus there was some spare logic left ;)

crappy overhead shot another crappy shot

And just a sneaky preview of Remus, a rom splitter and builder, to create custom rom images to use with the flashrom adapter,UAE and the Algor and Highway+Romulus cards .
It can remove unwanted modules from a 3.x rom, add in any module from the 3.5/3.9 romupdate files, replace exec with Piru`s exec44.1 beta, use Blizkick modules and patches (without taking up any fast memory as Extrares buffer!), or any other resident modules you can think off such as the Posiedon USB stack, XSurf IDE driver etc.

crappy screengrab of Remus
Remus main window ..Finally updated a new grab!
NB. The romfixes error messages are normal, it just means it couldn't find the old buggy routines to patch because either it doesn't apply to some residents (eg. the A1200 doesn't have the A4000's scsi.device) or that the fix only applied to certain versions of a resident and was fixed in a later release (such as the OS 3.5/3.9 RomUpdate)

crappy screengrab of RomSplit
RomSplit main window

----> Public betas of Remus and Romsplit <----