RemoteAmp - v0.8 Click to download 55 Kb (27/02/2001)

14/01/2003 - OK, consider this program unsupported as of now due to a couple of reasons.

 1. It looks like the Genshell plugin author has ceased any further development. (Shame really, as he had some good ideas lined up)

 2. Again, bugger all feedback from the hundreds of people who downloaded it. Either it`s rock solid ( yeah right.. I know of a couple of bugs that freeze the prog given the right conditions ! ), or everyone who downloaded it is as happy as Larry with it.

About RemoteAmp

RemoteAmp is a GUI`d client for the genshell winamp2.x plugin
The genshell authors website seems to have vanished and the WinAmp site seems to have removed all traces of their former selves, but the plugin is still available via

It controls Winamp over a TCP/IP connection, giving you the basic controls of play/stop/pause/prev/next/volume, along with the facility to search the playlist.
What it doesn`t do, and never will... is stream audio data over the network, so please don`t complain that it`s buggy because your Amiga is silent!
Anyway, if it`s your thing, download it, read the docs and have fun.
And no comments on my choice of music either! ;)