Remus + RomSplit betas (Last update 27/07/2010)
Amiga Forever

Quick intro...

RomSplit rips rom images apart into it`s component parts (plus 'AmigaOS Rom Update' files and Piru`s Exec44).
Currently only v40.68 (A1200,A4000D,A3000,AmigaForever),v40.70 (A4000D,A4000T,A3000), v40.63 (A500/600/2000) and V39.106 (A1200,A4000) are supported.

Remus then takes any of these parts and builds them back into a rom image.
It can also take Blizkick modules and patches too :))
Actually, it can take any file in the standard amiga hunk format, as long as there`s at least 1 valid resident structure and no BSS hunks.

Why? So you can single boot UAE into OS3.9,or if you have a flash card that supports rom mapping, then you can save some memory since most of the updated residents can be inside the rom rather than taking up extra fast ram, it also leaves more room in the flashrom for other things too..
And if you're one of those wierd screengrab fetishists, have a look here


  Amiga OS3.0 and above.
  At least 1MB of RAM free.
  MUI 3.8 and above.
   NList MCC
   BetterString MCC
   TheBar MCC

   rxasl.library + rmh.library (Used by ARexx scripts)

 Note: The official releases of NList,BetterString and Toolbar classes are compiled for '020+. There are unofficial builds compiled for 68000 on Aminet.

Main archives.

Remus 1.0 (rc23) and ROMsplit 1.0 (rc15) (02/03/2009)
Fixed many annoying GUI bugs, a few enforcer hits and other annoying things.
Updated docs for making 1MB ROM, and additional scripts,tools for making it easier
Added datafiles for splitting CD32-FMV,CDTV, V34 and V37 ROMs

Apologies, docs are still as bad as ever.. new ones are in the pipeline!

Updates,extras etc.

Remus 1.0 (rc35) (27/07/2010)
  Changed the 'ROM header' detection code to allow for different ROM IDs.
  Updated 'WhileList' file to include the latest Poseidon USB classes.

PowerWindows BK Module (19/04/06)
  Slightly updated version from the PowerWindowsNG archive on aminet to give error reports if it failed to install!

Webmasters: please don't use direct links to these files as they **will** change/disappear as and when updates happen.
There`s no install script for either of these apps, just extract them both to the same dir somewhere on your HD.
Also, I forgot to mention in the guide, that the Exec44 binaries must be split through RomSplit before use with Remus!